Accretive Learning

Accretive Learning is an Educational Therapy and Consultancy Centre for students aged 5 and up.

At Accretive Learning, we believe in delivering quality and evidence-based therapy sessions and we acknowledge that every child has the potential to learn and progress. We strongly value collaboration with parents, caregivers and teachers in supporting the unique and diverse learning needs of each child.

Our team is passionate about helping individuals overcome their learning challenges. Guided by research, best practice and years of experience, we continually adapt our innovative teaching approach to ensure each child learns to the best of their ability. We believe that learning is an accretive process, and each child is worthy to learn.

Educational Therapy

Personalised and group instruction in the areas of literacy and numeracy

Workshops and Training

Workshops for parents, caregivers and teachers

School-based Consulting and Intervention

Supporting students with learning difficulties in the school