Common Questions


What is Educational Therapy

It is a form of personalised instruction for individuals with learning difficulties, and supports academic performance by providing explicit and structured interventions that target underlying challenges.

Does my child need a diagnosis?

No, a diagnosis is not required to access any of our services. However, having a diagnosis may bring some clarity and allow for specific intervention strategies if a child has any learning needs.

Can my child attend lessons without a learning difficulty?

Yes, of course. We work with all children as each child learns differently. We identify individual strengths and learning gaps to optimise their unique learning potential.

Why do I need an initial consultation?

The initial consultation helps us to better understand your child and identify areas of strengths and improvement. At the end of the initial consultation, an IEP, or Individualised Educational Plan with targeted learning objectives will be created for your child.

Are there sessions for adults?

Yes, literacy and language classes are available for adults who may encounter difficulties in work or day to day situations.

Can parents sit in during sessions?

Yes, they can – provided it does not distract their child. We work closely with parents and provide them with insights, strategies and activities to reinforce their learning at home.

Do you offer online sessions?

Online sessions are available depending on the child’s suitability, however we strongly encourage on-site, in-person sessions as we believe that a conducive classroom environment helps sustain attention, learning and content retention.

Do you offer home-based sessions?

Off-site sessions at your preferred location are available on a case by case basis. However, home-based sessions require a minimum of 2 hours per session and incur additional transportation tariffs.