Our Services

Educational Therapy

We support learners of diverse backgrounds and learning needs. Therapy sessions in English Literacy and Numeracy are available for students aged 5 and older. Sessions are conducted individually or in a small group of up to 3 students. Group classes are offered based on availability and suitability of students’ individual learning profiles.


Workshops and Training

We cater workshops and training programmes to parents, caregivers and teachers working with children or students with learning difficulties. Such workshops and training are designed and offered on an on-demand basis.

If you wish to learn more about

      • specific learning difficulties
      • helping a child learn to read
      • strategies for coping with reading and spelling
      • strategies for writing
      • developing number sense in early numeracy
      • strategies for understanding and solving word problems
      • differentiated instruction

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School-Based Consulting and Intervention

We are passionate about working with schools to support their teachers and learners with learning difficulties. We develop intervention programmes specifically catered to their students’ needs and provide school-based intervention support.

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